The Lab

Evolutionary biology, relationship between adaptation and speciation, ecological genetics, genomics, insect-plant interactions

Research Overview

Research in the lab focuses on the evolutionary processes driving and constraining the formation of new species. In particular, we are interested in the role of adaptation to new ecological environments, via natural selection, in the speciation process. Related interests concern the impact of natural selection on genomic divergence, predator-prey interactions, eco-evolutionary dynamics, and macro-evolutionary patterns of character evolution. Various data are used to address these topics, including field observations, manipulative field and lab experiments, and next-generation DNA sequence data. The molecular work spans a range of sub-disciplines, including evolutionary genetics and population genomics. We also integrate these empirical studies with theoretical work and comparative analyses. Our main study system are Timema stick insects (T. cristinae is depicted above; photo credit: Moritz Muschick).

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Contact Information

Dept. Animal and Plant Sciences
Alfred Denny Building
University of Sheffield
Western Bank
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phone: +44 (0)144 222 0089