Other study systems

We also work on several other study systems, either directly or via collaboration.

For example, the lab is funded by a Unity Through Knowledge Grant to work with Croatian scientists to study the effects of pollution on the ecology and rapid evolution of mussel (Mytilus) populations. For the website devoted to this project click HERE.

Through collaborators (click HERE for details) we also work on Rhagoletis flies (via Dr. Jeff Feder at Notre Dame University), ladybird beetles (via a post-doc in the lab, Dr. Kei Matsubayashi), Tribolium beetles (via Dr. Brett Melbourne at the University of Colorado, Boulder), C3 and C4 grasses (via Dr. Pascal-Antoine Christin and Dr. Colin Osborne at the University of Sheffield) and barn swallows (via Dr. Rebecca Safran at the University of Colorado, Boulder).

Here are some photos of the work on mussels, courtesy of Anamaria Stambuk.

The study organism: Mytilus galloprovincialis.


A mussel bed.


Clean sites.


A polluted site.


In ‘the lab’.




The scientists involved: Goran, Anamaria, Maja.