Field and lab pictures

FieldĀ  work 2015

Timema live near, or on top of boulders – true story. Photo credit: Moritz Muschick.

Field work 2013

Tim sampling a network of bushes to study the effects of evolution within Timema on arthropod communities. Photo credit: Aaron Comeault.


Here is a photo of the area we conducted a within-generation field transplant experiment aimed at measuring genome wide allele frequency change induced by genetic drift and host-plant and climate related natural selection. Photo credit: Aaron Comeault.

This is not fieldwork, but here is a hike with some lab members in the Peaks District National Park, just outside Sheffield, on June 15 2013.

Rudy has been busy running chemical analyses for his project on cuticular hydrocarbons and speciation in stick insects. He spent about two months running samples on a gas chromatography machine (GC) at Simon Fraser University, in collaboration with Bernie Crespi and Gerhard and Regine Gries. Here is a photo of him prepping samples for the GC.

Victor ‘in the lab’ – our own computing server (Diogenes) and the Iceberg cluster.

Field work 2012 – Moritz and I conducted a California-wide survey of the genus Timema. We now have genomic data collected from 107 populations that were collected during this survey, ranging from sea level to >8000 feet in elevation, and spanning a wide range of hosts. See ‘Study System‘ page for more information.